The Final Exam

Alone with your thoughts for months on end, the doubts start to creep in. “Why am I doing this?” “Can I do this?” But when you’re rowing solo across some of the most ferocious waters in the world, there’s no room for doubts. Lia Ditton talks about her experiences as a rower and how they’ve shaped her to be ready for her attempt to row solo across the Pacific Ocean

Adventure Through Africa

For Tomás, it was the whole continent or nothing at all. So off he set, on a solo and unsupported expedition to cycle the length of Africa

Confronting the Cold Coast

Grey, cold and unpredictable. It’s unlikely to be the number one spot on a surfer’s “must visit” list, but the east coast of England is where you’ll find Chris Kendall, riding the waves he waits for hours – and even months – to catch.

Synergy in Sweden

Partnerships don’t get more intense than when you’re tied together by a rope whilst competing. But Helen and Emma find this physical link has a positive impact on their mental strength while running and swimming across the Swedish archipelago.

Reaching My Peak

Endurance racing isn’t for everyone but for Donnie Campbell, a race isn’t a race well run unless he’s pushed himself to breaking point.

Navigating The White Continent

Antarctic guides Ewan and Sophie take us through the trials and tribulations of kayak expeditions in the icy waterways of the white continent.

Cracking The Ice

Ice climber Beth Goralski takes us through the highs of ice climbing and the lows of injury.

Whispers From Wolves

Photojournalist and conservationist Peter Mather, speaks to Discover Interesting about his epic journey into the Old Crow Flats of Northwest Canada in hot pursuit of elusive Caribou.

Adversity In Adventure

“Adversity is something we face in all walks of life, and how we overcome it, defines us.”

Photographing the Shallows

Underwater photographer James Monnington talks to Discover Interesting about freediving and finding freedom in the big blue below

Life On The Fly

‘Some might find it odd, the great lengths we go to in pursuit of fish, but that’s the life we’ve chosen to live…’

Reflections From The Great Lakes

Ross Exler journeyed to the Great Lakes of Africa. His aim? To become the first person to complete a solo, man-powered crossing of these natural wonders.

A Biker’s Guide To Papua New Guinea

Ian Lloyd Neubauer takes us on a personal tour around the world’s ultimate adventure destination

Cycling The World

Three years. Two wheels. One bike. Jonathan Kambskard-Bennett tells the story of his ultimate cycling adventure

The Path

Whether they’re exploring the sky, the mountains or the habitat of the world’s most unique wildlife, the thirst for adventure in these three world travelers is undeniable.

Why I Skate

What motivates skateboarders to skate? We went from the heady heights of Nepal to the non-stop Japanese streets to find out

Film Road Trips

Just how far do you need to go for a great movie?

Bikini Atoll

Explore the remote, isolated and still faintly radioactive diving paradise of Bikini Atoll

The People Who Make Iceland

Meet the people who make the tiny island one of the most exciting places on Earth

The People Who Make Zakynthos

From divers to artists and winemakers, discover the people behind the real Zakynthos

The People Who Make Catalonia

Discover what truly gives Catalonia its distinctiveness: the people