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Self-discovery in the Sand

Cath Wallis is an Australian ultra-endurance athlete who has completed some of the world’s most iconic foot races – from the back of the field. Her passion is encouraging those who do not consider themselves “athletes” to follow their wildest adventure dreams...

Adversity at Altitude

Tselane Mead is an emergency nurse and mountaineer. She is a ski instructor and school nurse in the Swiss alps during the winter. She works with hiking, mountaineering and ski clubs to help empower women from diverse backgrounds to reach their potential in mountain spaces.

Protecting our Winters

Michael MacDonald is a graphic designer and photographer from the west coast of Scotland with a passion for hiking, biking, and most of all, snowboarding.

Rider On The Storm

Angelo Concilio is a 21-year-old storm chaser, a hobby that has led him to photographing extreme weather around his tempestuous home region of Campania.

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Solitude and Survival in the South Pole

James Bowyer is a doctor for the British Antarctic Survey. Since 2019, he has been based at the Rothera Research Station, a centre for biological research and a hub for supporting deep-field and air operations

Embracing The Wild

David is a naturalist and conservationist, living on the Isle Of Islay. Here he provides some insight on a rewarding role that places him at nature’s heart

Observing The Future

Adam Shore is an astronomer and astrophotographer based in the north east of England.

Saving Mantas From The Market

Simon Hilbourne is a Marine Biologist, ocean conservationist & underwater photographer.

Teaching Unnatural Behaviour

From an early age, Andy was fascinated with heights, climbing things and jumping off them. But a charity skydive ignited a passion which has led Andy to become a skydiving instructor, completing thousands of skydives every year and training others to do the same.

Led Into The Wilderness

As a child, Richard was brought up to learn everything you could possibly know about plants and the landscape around you.As he got older, that upbringing led him to pursue a career in wilderness survival and foraging.

Breaking The Mould

After working as a graphic designer in London for 10 years, Alex finding herself going through the motions in a nine to five job that she found uninspiring and decided to leave her life behind to go and tackle her first long-distance hiking trip by taking on the Pacific Crest Trail in the USA.

Shooting for Survival

Neil Aldridge is a conservationist and wildlife photographer. He is a published author, professional wildlife guide and a lecturer in Marine and Natural History Photography at Falmouth University.

Expedition To Adventure

Oli France is a British speaker, adventurer and expedition leader, specialising in taking groups to remote and hostile places.

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Have you have been on an incredible expedition or taken part in an extreme sport that’s pushed you to your limits?

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